Asp.Net Mvc Architecture


In this chapter we will learn Asp.Net Mvc Architecture.

Contents :

What is Mvc Architecture ?Asp.Net Mvc Architecture

 What is Mvc Architecture ?

Model View Controller (Mvc) is a software architectural pattern introduced in 80’s. In this architecture,

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How to Measure Execution Time in C#


Sometimes we developers may have more than one way to do a single task. In those cases we can choose the best method based on their execution time. The article covers best methods to measure execution time of a complete c# program or a part of it with better

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Short-circuit Evaluation in C#


Hi everyone , in this article we’ll discuss C# short-circuit logical operators && and || in depth. Most of us must have used these operators before, but many of them don’t know about why we use && instead of &.Use of these operators(&& and ||) is one of the best practice

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How to Create Mvc Application

Lesson Overview

In this lesson,I will show you step by step tutorial to Create Mvc Application in visual studio 2013. With few changes in these steps you can create the application in other versions of visual studio.

How to Create Asp.Net Mvc Application

1. Create New Project

Open your visual studio.

Then click on

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Asp.Net Mvc Tutorial For Beginners


This Mvc tutorial will teach you all basic concepts and fundamentals of Mvc with practical exercises. This tutorial aims at beginners in Mvc.

It would be an interesting journey through Asp.Net Mvc Lessons. At the end of this tutorial we will create a complete Contact Book Application in Asp.Net Mvc.

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Interesting C# Interview Questions


In this article, I would like to discuss some of the interesting c# interview questions,This post will be updated with new interesting c# interview questions.

Question and Answer

Q1 . Consider following code snippets

what will be the value of variable i after these two lines?

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